Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a's an otter...No! it's a rodent of unusual size!

So, I was scanning the MSN homepage this morning, as I usually do for any interesting headlines and I came across this one:
It immediately caught my attention, and reminded me a of good and unique experience we had over Spring Break visiting my Aunt Sara and family. We had dropped my cousin off at an appointment, and my aunt, mom, myself and the kids headed over to a nearby pond/park. There was a wonderful variety of ducks (geese too), and these very peculiar creatures (see right). My initial thought, because of the large orange front teeth, was "ooh an oregon beaver!". Then we saw the tail...okay...maybe it's an otter or muskrat. We decided the creature it reminded us of the "Rodents of Unusual Size" from the movie Princess Bride -which ironically enough, has been playing frequently on Bravo. That scene has always creeped me out with those RUS, but now it makes me giggle. Anyways, Uncle Larry informed us later that they are actually called nutria. So, when I got home I checked them out on, pretty interesting. If you are interested in learning more about them, here is the link:


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