Monday, June 29, 2009

What Time is it?

My daughter's favorite answer to this is: "Summer time! It's our vay-cay-tion!" as a tribute to High School Musical 2. We love to play this after school lets out, which it finally did last Thursday -woohoo!
I now find myself asking this several times a day, simply because, I have no clue.
Baby #3 made her debut almost 2 weeks ago (a few weeks early) -and I am starting to remember how this whole lack of sleep thing works. :)
Hopefully, as we all get a little more adjusted I'll be blogging a bit more regularly, and getting back to more challenges. I've missed doing them the past few weeks -especially when Cinema Saturday did High School Musical (1-3). I will do one for myself along with my daughter just for the whole fun of it anyways when time allows.
Hope you are all enjoying Summer!!
Be back soon!

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