Monday, August 17, 2009

Exciting things here and there!!

Ahoy visitors!!
Did I mention how excited I was for Convention?? Ha Ha, I know I did, because I really was! I had a good time, and came home exhausted, but full of ideas. Many of you have already asked how the baby did on our trip, and she was great. I was such a proud Mama to see my baby up on the Convention big screen each day before our general session started (I've put a brag picture below).

I really appreciate all the support I received from my stamping "family" (downlines, sidelines, uplines) while I was there -You all rock!! I also want to send out a huge public thanks to my mom who came and helped out a ton as well. We love you all!!

The picture above is our "3-Generation" picture, and the one to the left is a picture from my 5 year walk. Woo Hoo! Big fun!!
The end of Convention is always bittersweet -hate for the fun to end, but so tired, you just want to sleep in your own bed.
But now, I get to channel my energy and motivation into another awesome, fun-filled event: Stamping and Cruising the Northwest. I am so excited to prepare again for this now, annual event! Looking forward to sailing the seas with stamping friends old and new, eat some great food, and see some beautiful sights...More on this to come in future posts!! Can't wait!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. OK This breaks my heart to think that we never even put 2 and 2 together and hooked up :( sniff, sniff.. What a sweet momma to come help you out with the wee one... Nancy I could just cry :( We could have had a HUGE HUG...


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