Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Life is like a box of chocolates..."

This week's Cinema Saturday Challenge is the wonderful story of Forrest Gump. As in every challenge, we were to draw inspiration from the film (story, quotes, characters, costumes, etc.), and as an additional requirement, we were to use the color brown. This one was a challenge for me -not the brown part, I love to use brown, but to pick an element from the film that inspired me. This movie has a lot to choose from.
I ended up going with a military theme -inspired by Forrest's Army service and my husband. I selected this for several reasons: Because I love to hear my husband's laugh...not a chuckle (although, I enjoy that too), but his laugh. And boy, does he laugh at the scenes with the drill sargeant! He has been in the Army for over 20 years now, and I've started an album to commemorate the units he's been in and his achievements. I wanted to add a few pages to it, so together we selected the photos shown, along with the quote from Drill Sargeant: "You're in the Army now!" Also, I knew after he guessed the movie from the Sneek Peeks from a snippet of Forrest's uniform patch -"Oh, that's Forrest Gump, he was in the 9th Infantry", that I should go with an Army theme. I also found out that DH had served in the 9th Infantry as well... Hooah!
Here are my pages, have a great rest of the week!

Oooh! Almost forgot to list my supplies -here you go:
Godspeed Stamp set
Encore Silver ink
Always Artichoke ink & c/s
Chocolate Chip and Naturals Ivory c/s
Creative Imaginations stickers "Army Equipment"
Rusty Pickle paper "WWII Jeeps & Tanks"
Chipboard "Lots of Letters"


  1. First, thank your husband for is service to our Country plus you and your family's sacrifice also! It is great that he guessed the movie by his patch! I like that scene too and when he yells out YES DRILL SARGANT! Great ayout!

  2. What a wonderful idea to commemorate the units he's been in--fabulous!

  3. I really like these pages...the colors and the layout, but the photos make me wonder what kind of adventures would Forrest had if he was in a tank. I know, he'd do whatever his sargeant said.

  4. Great layout! So glad you did a military page. This is defiantly a important part of the movie.. You Rock!



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