Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yum, Yum, Yum!!

Okay, have I ever mentioned how much I love chocolate? For those of you who have known me awhile, that's kind of a "DUH!". Seriously, I can consume a ton of chocolate...I dread the day the doctor tells me I am allergic and should no longer eat it. I'd find a loophole though...gotta have my chocolate. I'm not a coffee girl, I don't smoke, but must have chocolate (I'm having some now in fact, and had some earlier too!).
Our neighborhood has been blessed with a FABULOUS chocolate shop, that also serves coffee/tea, and yummy pastries. I went this morning with some girlfriends and the baby while the bigger kids were in school. This is how bad I've got it: I had a yummy apple turnover, but they were out of my favorite chocolate: Australian Salt Caramels. They were actually making them as we were visiting, but wouldn't be done for another half-hour. So, I went and picked my son up from his half-day class, came straight back and bought some fresh-made salt caramels. Oh heavenly!! I've had salt caramels before, but nothing like how Sweet Decadence makes them -YUM!!! If you are local and haven't tried these before, I totally recommend you pop in. The gals are wonderful and happy to guide your taste-buds.

I felt the need to make them a card today, but forgot to take a pic of it before it was delivered on the 2nd trip of the day, so I made another very similar to the first:

I hope you can see the chunky clear glitter that I used as my sea salt on the "salt caramels". It looks super-cute in person, if I do say so myself! :)
I used:
Things I Love set, Chocolate Chip, Dusty Durango ink & markers, Dusty Durango polka-dot ribbon, Chocolate Chip and Confetti White cardstock, Tombo Multi glue, Chunky Clear glitter.

Have a sweet day!!

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  1. Love it! Were the caramels soft and yummy being so fresh? I would love to try one that is soft. Mmmmm.............


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