Thursday, January 14, 2010

"...Trudging, you know, trudging?"

I have been such a trudger this week, feel like I've been moving in slow motion. I think the 3 round trips a day to school, and the cold drizzle (turning to dumping downpours) probably haven't helped.
Fortunately, this week's Cinema Saturday pick addresses trudging with much humor:

This is such a fun movie starring the late and much missed Heath Ledger. I was able to pull off a couple projects for this one -I had soooo much inspiration it was a challenge to pare it down. I love the quippy quotes, the rockin' soundtrack, the fabulous actors, and the story of a young man who was able to "change his stars" to live the life he and his father had always dreamed of for him.

This first project is a goofy one, and will be gifted to my dear sister-in-law who loves Heath, A Knight's Tale, and all that is quirky. I made it with my favorite scene as inspiration -At the beginning of the film with our hero's first appearance at a tournament, we see a medieval style arena/stadium, with Queen playing: "We Will Rock You". The crowd is 'stomp-stomp-clap'ing, The Wave is going around, there are face-painters in the crowd, girls are dancing. It always makes me want to head for a game, any game -Love it!! The soundtrack rocks, as does this paperweight project:

I love the quote on this...It reminded me of the "good guys" each time they pulled off a tournament.
I used a thicker printed tissue paper over a rock, then a white stamped piece of tissue paper over it. The color didn't show through as much as I would have liked, but you get the idea. :)
Supplies: Full of Life, Wanted, & Under the Stars sets; Gold, Copper & Basic Brown ink, Modge Podge (matte), Copper c/s, Gold detail EP, small star punch.


  1. I saw thjat you had posted, so I stopped to look on my way to posting mine.

    Very clever, unique and funny, just like the movie. Good job.

  2. HOw stinkin' clever are you Nancy! Love how creative you are.. You totally ROCKED this challenge in so many ways... You sister-in-law will totally adore it... I love the colors and the gold highlights.. Sweet project!

  3. GET OUT with the awesomeness of this project!!! LOVE the concept behind this gorgeous paperweight!!! THe first time I heard the song with the movie - I was like - wow, I love this movie already and its only just started! :) That quote is sooo awesome and what a great idea behind it!!! LOVE it!!!! Thanks for playing along with the CSCC challenge Nancy! You totally ROCKED it!!!
    Big hugs!
    Sankari :)

    ps - I think you are going to crack up when you see our first sneak peek today!!! lol!

  4. ps - I love your title --- especially when - says -"you know from the verb - to trudge...".... lol!!!

  5. Awesome inspiration Nancy! Awesome project!

  6. love this, would not have thought of that quote but it works so well!


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