Sunday, February 14, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to blow it off and say "Whatever!" ??
Well, Cinema Saturday has given me perfect opportunity to make a card for "one of those days"
This weeks film is:

So, although plaid isn't one of my favorite patterns, and I had to dig through my papers to find one (just not enough time this week to make one!). I knew just what I wanted to feature from the movie and how I wanted to lay it out. Again, I took inspiration from a quote, albeit a very short one; I crack up everytime the snooty character Amber holds up her thumbs and index fingers to make a "W" (see pic below) and says oh-so-haughtily, "Whatever!" My SIL and I enjoy using this whenever needed (or not!).

I used a lot of blue (it's calming), a splash of bright pink (it's sassy), some plaid (it's Cher), some glitter (hello, Beverly Hills!), white organdy ribbon (it's sweet), and a little askewedness ("whatever!"). All things reflected in the fabulous comedy by Amy Heckerling we call "Clueless".


Enjoy, and don't forget, if things aren't going your way: Whatever, just look on the bright side, and if you don't see the bright side, find it!
Happy Valentine's Day friends!


  1. Love the sparkly W! Great card for this challenge!

  2. Nancy, this is a great card. WHATEVER, never looked SOOO good!!:)

  3. Your card is so "Clueless"...that is a compliment. Love it!

  4. Ha, I love that word! Great card and I especially love the glittery W :o)

  5. Great card!
    After watching Clueless, I kept saying "Whatever!" for years!


  6. LOLOLOLOL!!!! LOVE LOVE this whatever card dear Nancy!!! So perfect I love it!!! The colors are so perfect!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us!!! It isn't the same without our dear Nancy's awesome creations!!!
    Big hugs!
    Sankari :)

  7. Like it! I say this often - should just hold up this nice card instead! :)


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