Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up, up and away!

I have been waiting for this movie to show up at Cinema Saturday! It is such a wonderful film, so well-deserving of it's recent Academy Award. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and think. At the end of it you will just want to hug everyone near you (especially your dog!). If you have not yet seen this film, you simply MUST! I was inspired mostly by the main characters Carl, Russell, and Dug, and their new and developing relationships. I found the sentiment in my Full of Life set (how appropriate), and thought it represented Carl's new relationships perfectly. I also incorporated the sky, the house, and of course a dog -all fixtures in the film -as well as the required balloons, which I colored with marker directly on the paper to give a feeling of transparency, then with a Versamarker, clear embossed them. I did make this into a baby card, because I don't have a "Carl" in my life to give such a specific card to. :)

Then, because this is such a family favorite, my kids totally jumped on board, and wanted to play too.
They love the film!
This first one is my daughter's card. It was very important to her to have the main characters as well as the biggest cluster of balloons she could manage. Btw, she stamped and colored these, then cut and glued them all individually -much more patience than I!! She also hand drew a porch that was cut and glued on, so the characters would have somewhere to stand up in the sky.

Here is my son's card. He likes things to be relatively "true to life", but with some silly twist. Here his silly twist is "Dug" on top of the balloons. He's also got someone looking out of one of the windows.
I am so glad they played with me, we had fun!!


  1. You have the best and cutest design team ever! I just love how their houses really look like they're floating in the sky.
    You did an excellant job, picking out this designer paper and stamp set. your card is perfect for this movie.

  2. these are darling and it's sweet that the kiddoes pplayed along. My grandson is 3.5 hours away and I wish we could play together on this one too. He and I both LOVE Up!

  3. This is my 2 year old grandson's favorite movie, and how I wish he was old enough to make his own card, just like your kids. Those cards are so much fun, and I can see that whole movie in their cards - what fun you must have had !!! (here snipe)

  4. Great card! you son's it super cute. :)

  5. Melt my heart Nancy.. I love the kiddos cards.. What a great family activity... All the cards are FAB! Thanks for playing with us sweet little crafters...

  6. adorable!! love the fun images...this makes me smile like the movie :)

  7. Oh boy, these are great! Puts a big smile on my face :o) Just wait until Charlie starts joining in, LOL! Tell the kids I love their cards...oh and yours too, of course!

  8. These are all so great! How cool that your kids craft and make cards with you ... what a gift!


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