Thursday, June 10, 2010

Muchness anyone?

Okay, I was excited and a bit nervous when the gals at Cinema Saturday put this up for the challenge this week. Excited, because I've been wanting to see this movie despite mixed reviews. Nervous because I hadn't seen it, and "out of the box" is kind of challenging for me. Turns out, the movie is just amazing.
For the costumes, art direction, etc. which were fantastic and sooooo Tim Burton (with much more color than he normally does), I thought the story may lack. What I found was that there was just so much heart, character building, and so much connection I felt to so many of the characters. I wanted to just hug the Mad Hatter who is just full of "muchness", and made me want to always keep my "muchness" on display. :)
I love the part where the Mad Hatter just goes listing all different hat types. I wanted to make a ton of tiny different paper hats for my project, but time ran out -I needed to go be muchier instead. However, I did get one hat done satisfactorily, a fez, which reminds me of another Hatter part where he is talking to Alice, and just randomly interjects "Fez" into a sentence. It made me laugh!
So, here is the baby's funky little monkey wearing a Fez that I made with the Sizzix Bigz XL die "Baskets & Blooms" -I just trimmed around and cut the handles off, then stamped a brocade-y pattern, sponged a little gold, and braided and knotted some gold cord.


  1. Ok, I mudt confess, after watching the movie twice I still don't know what muchness is. But your Sock Monkey's hat is adorable!!!

  2. Brilliant, Nancy! I love it! Why? Because every monkey needs a hat - especially a fez! Awesome!

  3. The fez looks so good on the monkey. You did a good job. By the way, I never even realized that the Mad Hatter made hats! I just thought he wore a big hat...thanks Tim Burton!
    I have to say that Tim Burton really out-did Walt Disney. Disney's Alice was a good story with bright colors and something that anyone would enjoy, but Burton's Alice really had a lot of heart (that's what I think Muchness is), and great costumes and characters.

  4. NANCY!!! Have I ever told you how much I ADORE you and your MUCHNESS!!! LOVE this project!!! You totally did an awesome job with hat (the cutest fez I have ever seen!!!) and I LVOE that part too - and I wanted to hug the mad Hatter too (yes yes yes - I know - ALOT of it is because he is Johnny... but also because of just his big heart in this movie!) I LOVE your creation Nancy - you always have such an unique and fun perspective! LOVE it!
    Big hugs!
    Sankari :)


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