Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, Cinema Saturday

This week over at Cinema Saturday, the lovely cinema sisters are hosting 007 himself with this:

I have been a James Bond film fan for quite sometime, I think it helps having a Sean Connery fan for a mom, and a dad who loves action flicks. The one thing that has changed over the years is my favorite Bond; It started out as Roger Moore (must have been an 80's thing), then I recognized that Connery was the best Bond, but Pierce Brosnan does a pretty good job too. Frankly, when I first saw Casino Royale, I wasn't completely sold on Daniel Craig, I put him somewhere between Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore (not a great ranking). However, after watching it again for this challenge, I got it, and Daniel Craig has boosted to tie the top spot with Sean Connery.

Casino Royale like most other 007 films is a well-rounded film filled with action, romance, comedy, suspense, and drama -it's got it all! You get a good guy, the boss, the evil bad guy, the potentially double-crossing sidekick, the potentially double-crossing girl, beautiful clothes, beautiful settings, fast cars...really everything you could want.
 For this challenge, I drew my inspiration from the main character himself: Bond, James Bond. The color of his clothes (black & white -tuxes, shirts, jackets), his car (silver), and his eyes (oh so blue!). I also tried to capture the essence of 007 opening film credits with the silhouette and lots of circles. I used brads for hardware, and printed off a birthday greeting appropriate for the theme.

Now go pop some corn, and sit back with Casino Royale or your favorite James Bond flick.


  1. Hi Nancy,

    I have already commented on the CS blog, but wanted to give you my compliments on this great card on your own blog all the same! It's always nice to play along, especially when such great movies are involved!
    Just love your target idea!
    Hugs, Ira

  2. This is so clever! Love the way you handled the silhouette, and great sentiment!

  3. I've kinda slow these days on the computer -- guess it is the "dog days of summer" -- I thought your contribution for this challenge was so very clever -- and a perfect birthday sentiment.


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