Friday, September 3, 2010

Sankari's Birthday Blog Party!

Today celebrates the birthday of Sunny Sankari of Cinema Saturday & more. Her dear friend and Cinema Sister, Brooke is hosting a birthday card blog party in Sankari's honor.

What a fun way to celebrate such a creative and inspirational person!
Your projects and positive attitude are always amazing!
Here's to a fabulous birthday Sankari -may you get the royal treatment that you deserve!!

Join me in wishing Sankari a Happy Birthday over at her blog and/or at Cinema Saturday!
Happy Sunny Day!

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  1. OH NAncy!!! This is so beautiful!!! AND I LOVE this sentiment!! !LOL!!!!! THank you so much for making this birthday so special!!! You have no idea the surprised shock that I am in right now!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being so amazing - I LOVE looking at all of your projects - you are so creative and clever!!! You Rock MS. Nancy!!!! Thank you so much from my heart!!!
    Love love love and hugs,
    Sankari :)


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