Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy World Card Making Day!

Belated, I know, but I hope you had a good weekend of cardmaking for friends and/or family.
I've been feeling crummy with a yucky cold the last few days, but was still able to attend my 2nd upline's annual Fall Fun Event, which happened to land on WCMD this year. My wonderful mother spent time with the kiddos so I could go and see the special guest, Sara Douglass. For those of you not in the SU! "know" Sara Douglass, is SU! founder Shelli Gardner's daughter. Our table was lucky enough to have Sara join us and chat at lunch -she is super nice, gave some fun demos, and a straight-talkin' Q&A time. It was a fun way to spend the day!
So, the always creative girls over at Cinema Saturday came up with a wonderful challenge for this week:

How fun!! You've gotta love the choose-your-own-movie option! So, I picked one of my all-time favorites:
Love Actually. You can check out the details on this film here. There is just so much inspiration to be found in this film (Hint, hint -I could do more cards on this!).  I loved the puppy love/first crush love of Freddy Highmore's character, the love-at-first sight of Hugh Grant's character, and the enduring love involving Keira Knightly's character. I loved each story line and the different kind of love reflected in them. I don't want to tell too much if you haven't seen it, so if you haven't, please do -it's wonderful!
So for my card, I went with the overall theme of different kinds of love are all around us at any given time. I also wanted to incorporate the overall look of the movie poster/DVD case. It's kind of a Valentine's Day type card, but I'll balance it out with a posting of Halloween and Christmas cards later. :)


  1. I haven't seen this movie yet, will have to now! Love your card!

  2. Very cute card, and I knew what movie it was for right away, without even reading. But I did want you to know it isn't Freddy Highmore in that movie. It is Thomas Sangster.

  3. Yikes! Thanks Laura -I totally missed that!!


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