Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting in touch with my fabric side

So, as of late I have been working much more with fabrics than with paper...not that I didn't want to, but that is just how it's been.
Well, my stamp club met last week, and I had just finished with the auction quilt, and simply had fabric and quilting on the brain -was having some trouble coming up with something for my club (48 hrs prior). Why not combine the two? Why not indeed!
Here's what we did:
 First, a little something with fabric. Gathered a strip of fabric around for a ruffled flower, and to make the ruffled strip, just loosened up a thread down the center and gently worked it. Watch out though, the threads snap pretty easily! Then used a pretty antiqued brad for the center.

Second, used small squares of DSP and a 9-patch template to make a pretty paper "quilt" square. Made freehand "stitches" with coordinating markers.

Last, and definitely my favorite is this faux quilted card based on the tutorial here by Diana Gibbs.
I had done this technique before, but without the embossing, which totally makes a difference.
Love it!

So, if I can get back in the near future, I will add the "ingredients" for these projects.
In the meantime,

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