Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Sweats

Happy Sunday!

Hope you have all been having a great weekend.
One of my favorite guilty pleasure blogs has a "Sunday Sweets" posting every week where they show beautiful cakes with a common theme...they are amazing.
This post is not like that.
For the past couple of years, I have really been trying to have a consistent exercise regime. I admit, some months aren't so much. I find it helps if I register for a race, sign up for a class, something that I have some financial investment in.
2 years ago a new hot yoga studio opened nearby with a great intro package that my sister told me I HAD to try. I loved it. I've been a member for a year and a half now, and am pretty good about going weekly. Not this month. As of this morning, I still had 3 classes to burn before the end of the I have 1. I did my first double yoga day today and it was great!

Now to get the running regime up and going... I lost my mojo after the half-marathon.
It made me sad, but not sad enough to do anything about it. I got back into walking around New Year's, hoping it would lead back to running-love, and we signed up for a 5k that happened a few weeks ago. I had forgotten how fun it was to run, and this event was the perfect reminder!
Hubby is wanting to do a 1/2 again in the fall -I told him after the last one that I was done, but he asked real sweet-like, and I couldn't say no. It's for a great cause too; raising funds and awareness to support programs for PTSD.
Alrighty, off to watch a flick before bed, then up early for some running -maybe. ;)


  1. Thanks to your poster, I realize I've been Yoga for years. I just love Savasana! I'm glad you're back blogging. You are so creative.

    1. Thanks Grammie, I am too -like stamping, I think it's good for me. Savasana is the most important posture, you know. It's a good one to love and be good at!


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