Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Being Accountable

We all have someone or something that we are accountable for: job, family, school, pets, housework, etc. But, there are a couple of biggies that we -you know, other people, not us :)- may put on others that really need to be brought back to our own attention: Health and happiness. Fortunately, these two walk hand in hand. Sure, we need doctors and other health specialists to guide us, but just because your last check-up was great, you got a gold star in healthiness, it doesn't mean you get to sit around on your duff until the next one. It is up to you to eat right, keep your body moving the best it can, and smile. It's good for you, and that means it's good for others around you too. You are setting an example for someone, somewhere whether you know it or not. Accountability, my friend.
Happiness? But, I woke up late, the dog peed on the floor, the kids won't get dressed, Hubby missed his bus, etc. I get to be grumpy when the day starts like this! Sure you do, but it's ultimately your decision whether to carry out the grumpiness through the day, OR choose the "so what, life goes on" attitude, smile and move on. I've chosen both routes: The former tends to match those immediate feelings of dissatisfaction, but really serves no one -it spreads that discontent making a vicious, unhappy cycle. The latter is a harder choice to make, but it too, spreads in a good way though. Maybe the happiness you chose helps someone else choose the same route instead of that easier grumpy way.
I do my best to lead a healthy and happy life, so that my kids can learn from it as they take more accountability in their lives. Not sure about you, but I sure prefer looking at happy faces, not scowly ones. I know people have been saying it for a very long time, but when you are healthy or doing healthy things, you feel happier, and that happy people are healthier. It's true at my house!

I do struggle with consistency, especially when it comes to exercise.
Here is a website that I've found very helpful and keeps me accountable to myself:
Non-runners: Please do not let the website name frighten you! It allows you to track ANY type of exercise and will track time exercised, distances, calories burned, etc.  I love it. It's also got a section where you can track your eating. I use this when I feel like I've gotten off course, or have changed something in the way I eat, or my clothes aren't fitting as they should. :) Check it out, it's pretty neat.
In the spirit of being accountable: This week I went to 1 yoga class, burned about 1200 extra calories, and walked/ran 4miles. Now ya know. Coming back from an awful cold, I'm hoping these numbers look better soon.
Also, if you are interesting in running -starting from the beginning (I've been there!!) check out this Couch to 5K program It's also got other distances (1/2 and full marathons)
This is at my first official race: an aquathon (500m swim/5k run),
nervous/happy and healthiest I'd been in awhile.
Don't let others be responsible for how you feel, make good healthy choices for you, and make your own happy.

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