Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Yoga snob

That's me, yoga snob. Well, that's what hubby calls me.
I read a definition of snob here, and I think he's wrong.
It's just what he says when I complain about poor yoga etiquette, or being too cold this morning at the Lululemon Sunday class (I'm used to a hot room).
I'm pretty sure that following the rules/etiquette, expecting others to do the same, and liking what I like doesn't make me a snob. Picky maybe, snob no.
I really love yoga, it's my favorite. If money and time were no object I'd go daily.
It's just frustrating when you go to enjoy some quiet, reflective, or meditative time before or after class, and others feel like it's social time.
Or you go early to get a favorite spot and someone plops their mat down right between you and your view of the mirror.
I know some of you can relate.'s yoga practice not yoga perfect!

My friend and I took our girls to the Ivivva Sunday Yoga for girls, and headed off to a Renew Yoga with my favorite teacher, Erica. This was the studio's last class during their time as the local Lululemon's studio of the month, so we had to check it out, especially as I wanted my friend to try the Renew -I think it's something she'd really like. It was a good class, but, yes, I missed the heat and padded floors of the studio (picky, not snobby!). We went back to get the girls from the Ivivva store, where they told us they'd be wishful shopping while waiting for us. As we got to the store the girls appeared to be trying on some hoodies, so we headed in before they got too involved.
Said hoody:

Come to find out, during class they had a little contest that my eldest won. The prize was the hoody she had on and that she'd been eyeing last time we were in, and she got to give a second one away to the person of her choice in class. She chose her bff. :) They look super-cute in them, and needless to say, I don't think I'll be needing to encourage her to the Sunday morning classes anymore...

Well, have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Go get your yoga on -even if it's in your jammies in your living room.
Try this one to get your body going:
Click this for more good tips and postures. The article says it's good yoga for arthritis, but it's good for getting your body going regardless. :)
Happy Crafting, and Namaste...

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