Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last week of school + birthday + hubby on AT = busy me.
Since this blog is geared towards the crafty things, let's start with the birthday.
Little monkey had a friend over to play and celebrate her birthday. They enjoy princess-y things. I enjoy crafty things. Let's make birthday princess skirts!
Granted, my assessment of their interest in making a mildly time-consuming project was a little overestimated, I did enjoy visiting with Little Monkey's Friend's Mom = a good friend of mine.
We all loved how the skirts came out:
I used: 1/2 off tulle from local fabric store, 5yds of each color in Violet, Orchid, and Mystic Purple (perfect colors for My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle character!). Cut the tulle into 2.5-3.5" strips and looped them onto pre-measured and sewn 1" elastic loops. Voila! The adhesive colored gems above did not get added to the skirts, but have been added to my stash and got used later in the week.
I am so going to make myself one of these for a Seahawk run in September -I've got ribbon ready to use, just need to stock the tulle. :)
Finally, must have cake for the birthday girl! She wanted a My Little Pony cake with the Rarity character on it. So...when Eldest Monkey was 3 she wanted a MLP cake too. I had almost forgotten how frustrating this can be. I did it once, I could do it again. Fortunately, I love my kids and my kids love my cake, so I knew however wreck-y the cake turned out, there would be smiles and laughter regardless.
Little Monkey sees cake on birthday morning: Gasp of awe (?), and "Oooh!" (about to pat myself on back)... LM: "Oh, Rarity is wearing shoes", Me: "Yes, lucky her, they're shiny black ones too!" (smacks forehead, darned black decorating gel! Rarity doesn't really wear shoes). LM: "Hmmm...her eye is pretty creepy too." Me:"Yes, I'm aware of that. But, what pony does it look like?" LM: "It's Rarity!!!"
Yay me!
By the way -yummiest cake recipe here. Used above with gluten-free flour (Namaste brand).
LM ate the tail piece, and saved the creepy eye for Daddy. :)

Trying to get some crafted gifts out to the teachers this week, only got a picture of one.
This went to Monkey in the Middle's teacher who mentioned it had been a super-crazy week, and I immediately recalled my favorite movie quote from As Good As It Gets and made this up for her:
I think the quote is actually "somplace" instead of "somewhere", but it turned out pretty fun and well, crazy.
I used a bunch of different washi tapes, colored rhinestones (purchased originally for skirt project), mini-clipboard, and Sycamore Street DSP (ret.).

This week also included a Gratitude Gathering for my son's retiring Kindergarten teacher -such a sweet event; A trip to the local Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale with my friend & co-worker -so many books, and my kids were thrilled with the purchases (a little summer/road trip reading material); A little quilt shop-hopping with Mom & Little Monkey -I swear, I wasn't going to buy ANY fabric but saw this Robert Kaufman number:
and knew the exact person I needed to craft something out of this for. I'll post it when it's done and delivered. No spoilers...well, other than this fabric pic. Today was rocket launching with the cub scouts and day #2 of chauffeuring Eldest Monkey to and from school with her newly bum knee.

Okay, this is becoming a heck of a rambler. It's been a busy and craft-worthy week. Tomorrow will be lower key, weeding in the garden and maybe a little fun shopping at the mall. I look forward to it.
Have a GREAT weekend, and happy crafting!!


  1. The girls look very princessy and happy in their skirts. Maybe it's just the photo, but I don't think the pony looks very creepy...of course, I'm not really into My Little Ponies.

    I like the clip board and fabric. I bet Dr. Sheldon Cooper would love a vest made out of it.

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