Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Break, finally!

We made it!
Summer Break is finally here!
Morning swim practices started too early to catch 'em today (kids had school for 2-2.5hrs today), but all 3 had swim classes, we munched sandwiches, etc. and spent another 1.5hrs in the pool before doing a stock-up at Costco (love that place!).
Kids are now vegging out with The Lego Movie, 'cause, well, everything IS awesome!

Here is that last end-of-year project as promised:

I used that awesome Robert Kaufman Mod Geek fabric as a cover for a rice bag. Those things are great for whatever ails ya: Heat it up in the microwave for sore/tired muscles or cold feet (new take on the hot water bottle!), or throw it in the freezer for injured/swollen joints or limbs OR when you need to cool down on those hot Summer days.
First, I sewed a rectangle out of muslin (finished it was approx 6x7), filled it with 3.5C plain enriched white rice (this was a little too much -2.5C would probably have been enough), and topstitched it closed.
Next, I cut a long rectangle (7.5x18.5), and hemmed the edges down with a zigzag stitch (because I liked how it looked. Then, folding it with a slight overlap and right sides together, I stitched down the long sides (1/4" allowance) to make a fabric envelope. Turned it right-side out then put the rice bag inside. Voila!
The tag was made using my Tag Topper punch, Pursuit of Happiness set, Gumball Green ink, and tied off with Gumball Green sweater cord.
It makes me happy. :) I'm very glad I still have enough fabric to make 5 more.
This one went to Eldest's former 5th grade teacher. We think she's pretty great, and she thinks math is pretty great. :)
Happy crafting!

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