Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Summertime!

Yay! It is officially Summer, and we kicked it off just right here in the Pacific N.W. with some mid-70's temps, sunshine, and clear blue sky. Amazing!
Owning up/being accountable: I have not run, jogged, or walked for that sole purpose in 2+ weeks. Ugh!
I have gone to yoga weekly though. Now that Summer is here, I remember that this is the time of year (not the holidays!) when I add inches. Crazy! I don't know why, we're pretty active in the summer, but regardless, come September, the jeans are just a little snugger than I like.
So...I kicked off Summer with an early morning walk & weeding that ol' strawberry patch yesterday, yoga today, and Monday will see the kickoff of our newly annual 100 mile run/walk. The goal is for each family member to log 100 miles during a 3 month period that includes Summer Break. For the kids, this can include swim practices/meets, bike rides, etc. We did a shorter 50 mile version last Spring over 2 months to try it out. It was a success -we went to dinner at a restaurant of the kids' choosing as a reward. The 3 month/100 mile Summer trial didn't prove as successful, so we are trying again. The reward will be sky high! :)

Not sure how Little Monkey will do...she does pretty well keeping up with everyone, and then some, but she'll get the option of tracking her moves if she's so inclined.
We are in process (slowly) of expanding our front garden; it includes breaking up an old driveway, raking out gravel, mulching in better dirt, etc. I am off to rake gravel and hopefully start to get the dirt in.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

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