Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Super Sweaty!

So this week was an uber-sweaty one! Counting last Sunday, I did 4 consecutive days of yoga classes. A first for me, and made me reconsider the statement I have made about wanting to do this on a daily basis. It was great though, and come Thursday, I found myself missing class immensely, and returning to the statement/idea that I could do this every day.
Thursday also found me racked out on the couch for an hour. :)
Between yoga, 3 hours of yardwork (!) on Friday, hours of sunshine yesterday, and a nice walk this morning, it has been a happily sweaty, and as Map My Run reports a highly caloric-burning week. 
Off to get the Sunday morning coffee, and prep for more yard work.
Have a great day wherever you are and go craft yourself a good sweat!

Happy crafting and sweating!

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