Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Crafting 2014

The correct answer to the previous post is:
 Tie-Dye t-shirts
As the Unit Leader of 18 (!) 4th graders, I got to process their shirts. The girls (and the leaders) tied them on Monday morning (craft #1), another lucky soul dyed them, then I brought them home to rinse, wash, and dry them. We had a warm week and they dried very quickly (and prettily) on my line. One of these days I'm going to hang the camp collection on the line. After 4+ years of 3+ of us going to day camp, we have accumulated quite a collection. I'm thinking awesome tie-dye t-shirt quilt in the future... might even have enough for one per family member. :)

Check out this sweet craft I got to partake of:
Totally reminds me of these floating glitter bracelets we used to have when I was in middle school. This one is made out of new medical tubing, sparkly yarn, baby oil, metal peg, and electrical tape. I'm thinking of finding some larger diameter tubing and making these with next year's Pre-K class. Beads can be used in lieu of yarn for a different, but very fun look.


  • Soft clear tubing. Ours was medical tubing, approx 1/4" diameter from outside edges, 3/8" for inside diameter (the actual opening). You could also use tubing for aquariums. Also, a wider tubing could certainly be used, you'd need more filler. :)
  • Baby oil, or clear cooking oil. I liked the baby oil -it smelled good, made my hands soft, and was very light. However, if scent is an issue, try a cooking oil -light colored and clear works best.
  • Shallow dish for the oil.
  • Assorted yarn pieces (color is entirely up to you!) or beads. Seed beads work great with the smaller diameter, but if you are going bigger, try pony beads or those darned perler beads that get everywhere, to see how they look. Make sure to not use any liquid initially if you are using beads, they will stick to the sides of the tubing.
  • Scissors
  • Wood skewers 
  • Finishing items: we used 3/4" metal pegs that fit right into the tubing and linked them together, then sealed them with electrical tape. If you did not use any liquid in the bracelet, the peg is enough. Here, they sealed the ends with heat, I haven't tried that, but it's an option.

 Here's the how to: 

  1. Cut tubing long enough, so that when the ends are placed together the wearer can slip their hand through the hole created.
  2. Yarn: Cut yarn approximately twice the length of the cut tubing. Put small amount of oil into shallow dish, then run yarn through the oil. The oil is what enables you to easily feed the yarn into the tubing. Then, using the skewer to assist, feed the yarn into the tubing. Fill as desired, leaving a small amount of room at either end. Cut shorter pieces of yarn in several colors for a different look. Tip: You don't need a lot of oil to help feed the yarn into the tubing, however, if you have more oil, it gives your bracelet a very cool glassy look. 
  3. Beads: Fill dry bracelet with beads. Size, color, and quantity are up to your preferences. After filling tubing with beads, you may go back and add water or oil for a different effect. **We haven't tried this at home, but it was suggested to try. :)
  4. Insert metal peg into one end of tubing, then bring other end of tubing around and insert other side of peg. Push together until ends of tubing meet. If you used oil in your bracelet, wrap the matched up ends with electrical or plumbing tape. 
  5. Enjoy your fun new bling!
**Note: this is a messy project! Make sure you have something covering your work surface (we used old plastic tablecloths), and have paper towels on hand to wipe excess oil off of your hands, and to wipe off the bracelet before sealing with tape.**

Last, but not least, SWAPS. For those non-girl scouts out there this roughly stands for: Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. There are many variations of the acronym, but they mean the same thing. A little crafted something you swap with your friends and pin on something like a hat, shirt, vest, etc.
At camp, you try to have it go with your camp name, or camp theme. We have swaps above that Snorkel, Shark Bait, and Bunny swapped at camp this year. For scale, the Shark Bait Swap is 1.5" square. Those bunnies are teeny!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Tie dye, I should have guessed, but I didn't thus the snarky response. I love those bracelets. I think some of us creatively challenged can do that.

    Thanks for all of the ideas.

  2. They are very cool! I'll bet you have all the supplies needed just hanging around...


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