Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Just Keep Swimming...

Okay, I just finished logging my efforts in the workout area -I got behind on the 4th of July.
So, swimming is a pretty big deal around our house this time of year. The two older kids have been on the local summer swim team for a few years now, and the little one finally was ready for lessons.
Hubby and I have always enjoyed swimming, but never did the swim team thing.
I was really good about swimming for awhile during my aquathon training, but once that finished, my lap swimming days dwindled away. The pool time I'd been getting, was bobbing the baby around in the pool -fun, good for the arms, and getting an upper-body tan, but not a great workout.
All of the kids have been working really hard in the pool this swim season; the little one has knocked out each level of class she's been in (and is really mad we're on a lesson break the next 2 weeks), the middle really has been focusing and his race times keep dropping and he's learned to do a flip-turn (Yay!), and the eldest has really become quite competitive this season, which is quite contagious. Me watching the kids swim has become kind of like me watching the Seahawks -a little loud. Anyway, it's pretty awesome fun!
This week they have their last regular meet, then their championship meet two days later. Crazy swim time!

Okay, so where does the Sunday Sweats come in?
I've been inspired by my kiddos work in the water to get back in myself. Starting slow: once last week, twice this week. Only about 10min at a time, but it's a start. Working on a new habit.
Swimming is such a great sport for anyone!
There are so many benefits:

  • Low impact -easy on the joints
  • Pretty inexpensive: Just need a suit and a place to swim
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces stress (similar benefits as yoga! Me likey...)
  • Great aerobic activity -gets that heart pumping!
  • Builds and tones muscle -water provides some great resistance training for this.

There are other great workouts you can get in the pool besides lap swimming. Try water aerobics, water Zumba, and water running. These are great low-impact workouts, with awesome aerobic benefits.
Here is some good reading at The Hungry Runner Girl. She has quite a few posts about the benefits (and how-to) of pool running.
In the pool is a great place to be if you are recovering from injury, or just getting started on a fitness plan.

In the great spirit Finding Nemo, and as we often hear at the meets:

**due to technical difficulties, this Sunday Sweats has been brought to you on Monday. **

Added 07/19/2014:
Check out this article at MindBodyGreen on the benefits of swimming. They've also got good articles on general good health topics. :)

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