Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Just Sweaty

Been seriously lazy around here...
Okay, lazy is not a good word. We've been lacking in the exercise for exercise sake around here.
It's been in the upper 80's since last Sunday, over 90 starting Friday and supposed to go most of the way through this coming week. In a relatively un-air-conditioned Northwest, just doing the day-to-day stuff is sweaty enough for me this week. :) Not even any yoga... boo!
We did wrap up the kids' swim season with the division champs meet yesterday -Middle Monkey PR'd in his backstroke. He had so many time improvements this season, we were all very proud of him, and he got his annual swim mohawk -his favorite part of swim season. Eldest also PR'd in her backstroke, which resulted in a first place ranking for her age group. Great way to wrap up the season.
Tomorrow kicks off day camp = much sweaty + much crafty = crafts for me to post for you this week.
Thanks for being patient.

Have an awesome week!
Happy Crafting!!

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