Friday, January 22, 2016

Footloose Friday -A Fun Adventure

So, a new Facebook friend (good friend of a friend in real-life) had started a 1000km in 2016 Facebook page. Well, registering for a half-marathon happening in June is not currently enough motivation to get me moving, but something about this FB page (maybe it's the daily accountability and reminders?) is getting me started.
Every week, she tallies up the mileage of the group members (there are 10), and posts on a road map how far we've traveled from her hometown in Canada along with pictures of the weekly stop. It's so fun!
In fact, I think it's so fun, I want to do an individual one for myself.
I want to walk to Disneyland -virtually.

Every Friday, I will post my progress. It is currently little more than a trudge...
I have made it a little over 9 miles to the Junction of I-5/I-405 near the Southcenter Mall.
Only 154 more Washington miles to travel!

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