Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Sweats: New Year, New Challenge

Ever since I have had my hot yoga membership, I've wanted to join one of their challenges. Generally, they are a 30 day challenge (30 classes in one month). Logistically, this is not practical at this juncture of my life.
Fast forward 3 years... They're doing a 10 class challenge! That, I can get on board with.
The only catch, is that you need to do 10 classes in the month with 10 different teachers. The idea being that you will stretch yourself and go to classes that you wouldn't normally go to.
I am almost done! I got off to a slow start due to illness at the beginning of the month, but with this afternoon's class, I will have just 2 more to go!
Normally, I attend 4 classes/month. To do the challenge, I needed to upgrade to an unlimited membership. This is something I would never have before considered. I am loving the ability to go to classes anytime, and not being limited to one/week (or more recently: 4 classes in the last week of the month). Now, I'm wondering why I only go to 4 classes/month. I will have the opportunity to alter my membership after the challenge, and I cannot see myself going back to the old membership plan. This challenge has reconnected me to my yoga practice -I feel so much more energized and strong. What a fantastic way to start a new year.


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