Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, Cinema Saturday

This week over at Cinema Saturday, the lovely cinema sisters are hosting 007 himself with this:

I have been a James Bond film fan for quite sometime, I think it helps having a Sean Connery fan for a mom, and a dad who loves action flicks. The one thing that has changed over the years is my favorite Bond; It started out as Roger Moore (must have been an 80's thing), then I recognized that Connery was the best Bond, but Pierce Brosnan does a pretty good job too. Frankly, when I first saw Casino Royale, I wasn't completely sold on Daniel Craig, I put him somewhere between Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore (not a great ranking). However, after watching it again for this challenge, I got it, and Daniel Craig has boosted to tie the top spot with Sean Connery.

Casino Royale like most other 007 films is a well-rounded film filled with action, romance, comedy, suspense, and drama -it's got it all! You get a good guy, the boss, the evil bad guy, the potentially double-crossing sidekick, the potentially double-crossing girl, beautiful clothes, beautiful settings, fast cars...really everything you could want.
 For this challenge, I drew my inspiration from the main character himself: Bond, James Bond. The color of his clothes (black & white -tuxes, shirts, jackets), his car (silver), and his eyes (oh so blue!). I also tried to capture the essence of 007 opening film credits with the silhouette and lots of circles. I used brads for hardware, and printed off a birthday greeting appropriate for the theme.

Now go pop some corn, and sit back with Casino Royale or your favorite James Bond flick.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ring around the rosies...

...Pocket full of posies!

Okay, so they aren't posies,  but rather amazingly fun and easy to make "butterfly-punch pansies".
We made these at my Stamp Club last night, and we had a good time watching all the colors diffuse.
Here are a couple of blogs where I got the directions/videos and some more beautiful samples:

All you need are some reinkers, aquapainter, shimmer white paper, butterfly punch, and brads to hold them together. So what are you waiting for? Go make a garden for yourself!
Happy Stamping!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bread and Jam for Nancy

I love the story "Bread and Jam for Frances" by Lillian and Russell Hoban. I love the images of that little badger girl eating her slice of white bread with a spread of purpley-pinkish-red homemade jam. I actually found a stamp some years ago (over 10 dare I say), with my favorite image.
I made my first batch of homemade jam this year today, and there is just something about homemade jam that brings out the nostalgia in me. To me berry jams just capture the pure essence of summer. You can taste the sun and the soil that nourished the berries, you can taste a warm afternoon, you can even catch a mild summer breeze. It always amazes me when I bite into a pb&j topped with homemade berry jam -the sunny places it takes me.
I love jam!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas in July & Stamps that make you cry!

A little Christmas is exactly what I needed after the sudden arrival of Summer (going from one of the coolest summers on local record 64 degrees on Monday to 95 on Thursday).
When I found out what Brooke and Sankari at Cinema Saturday had in store for us this week:

I knew exactly what set I wanted to use: Home for Christmas by SU!
The first time I saw this set in the 2008 Holiday mini, it made me cry.
Mind you, not all stamps make me cry, but hubby had just deployed, and the images and verse touched my heart immediately, and I had to have it if only to send him a Christmas card.
I ALWAYS love an opportunity to use this set!
So, moving on from my sentimentality...
This is a sweet and fun film about 2 gals played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz who are having man trouble and just need to get away at Christmastime. They end up "meeting" online and decide to swap houses for a bit to take a break/holiday. The story continues with the women adjusting to the life of the other, and let's just say, some more man "trouble". :) I thought the verse I used was perfect for the film, as the gals found their hearts at home, just not necessarily their original home.

Please feel free to leave a comment, and let me know if a stamp has ever made you cry.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Bend it!!!

Wow! Has it been a month already?? Time is just flying by.
So, this week, the lovely Brooke and Sankari over at Cinema Saturday are hosting a challenge to make a card that is anything but an A4 (standard 4.25x5.5"), and is inspired by the fun and fabulous film:

If you haven't seen this, I soooooo recommend it. Written and directed by Gurinder Chadha (who also wrote and directed one of my all time Top 10 movies: Bride and Predjudice), this movie shows Jess, a good girl from a traditional Sikh family in the London area, stretching her family's bounds by playing on a women's  soccer team and dreaming of going to "uni" (university) and playing professionally in the U.S. Instead of looking for a husband & learning to cook a proper feast, Jess is out learning to bend it like Beckham (aka Becks, Mr Posh Spice, David Beckham). Along with a great story, there is a great cast: Parminder Nagra (of ER fame), Keira Knightly, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. You can read more about the film here.

My card was inspired by the journey Jess takes along with her friends and family as she realizes her dreams and breaks from what is expected of her. Also, I noticed in many scenes there were airliners flying overhead, and in an homage to Jess' father, a commercial airline pilot, who recognized and supported his daughter's dreams, I used an airplane image.

The card is 3x6" and uses new colors: Cherry Cobbler, Daffodil Delight, and Marina Mist.