Saturday, November 1, 2014

Smart Blanket

Well, I'm not sure how smart this blanket is, but the textures on it are great for getting those little baby brains working.
 There are 4 fabric pieces on the top: Denim (recycled blue jeans), terry cloth, printed fleece, and slipper foot fabric (you know that nubby stuff they put on the bottom of footie jammies?). It's backed with a solid fleece (this one matches the terry cloth), and edges with coordinating satin blanket binding.
Here's a pic of most of the top altogether. 
I just gave my third one as baby gifts. I hope the babies like them! I also made some with a pink & green color scheme. I think they turned out pretty cute and am making a batch to have on hand for gifts or to sell.

It's been busy around here with back-to-school/work, then Halloween (with costumes I forgot to take pictures of), but I'm hoping to get back with craft-of-the-week, just in time for the holidays.

I hope this Fall is treating you well so far!!
Happy Crafting!!