Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Berry Good Life

Happy Monday!

This looks to be one of the best berry seasons I have ever experienced in Western Washington, and I am so excited!! Local berry farms have been selling berries 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and don't believe the season will be shortened -WooHoo!!
We've slowly been building up our berry patch over the years; Started with a couple of dwarf blueberries, one of which is still incredibly small and not a great producer, next came the thornless blackberry from my childhood backyard, a few strawberries here & there that got their own patch this year, a marionberry in a gallon pot 2 years ago, and this year a raspberry patch comprised of a few new sticks (uh, canes) we bought at the favorite hardware store and transplants from Mom K's house.
This has all resulted in some good yield so far:
Strawberries -not enough for a decent batch of jam yet, but plenty to pick and eat.
Blueberries -couple of handfuls so far, some of them even came off of the teeny one!
Raspberries -even though these were just planted early to mid spring, we've gotten a couple of handfuls off of them. Success in my book! We will be making a trip south to buy some locals just so I can get my jam on. We like Spooner's.
Marionberries -The current star of the show:
 As they started ripening, we picked and ate a few each day, but I was able to pick enough (5+ cups) to make hubby a welcome home crisp over the weekend. It was gone before I could snap a pic. :)
 This morning I went out and snagged 3+ cups, with probably a second picking later today.
Here are my happy, berry-stained fingers. :)
I'll be washing and freezing the berries this week to jam later on, and probably another crisp or cobbler.
Last but not least:
Blackberries -Already seeing green berries, busy bees all over the multitude of blossoms. It's gonna be another great (and early!) blackberry year.
Honeyberries -Okay, this is a new one. Some friends of ours are moving out of state and gave us their 2 honeyberry bushes. I had never heard of honeyberries. We won't get berries this year, but if you have tips for this plant, I'd love to hear it! They are going to be planted east of the raspberries.
This is a section of our berry patch. Blackberry is blooming in the back. That one bush can get me 3 large batches of jam, a couple of cobblers/crisps/pies, and leftovers for smoothies or just eating. Shrub at the right is our "large" dwarf blueberry. It usually gives a handful+ each year. This year we've already gotten two, with another ready to pick today. Enough for munching, or maybe pancakes. Unfortunately, with it's location (low) I think we lose the fruit to birds and other critters. In the foreground is the marionberry. I am so glad we bought this, it rocks! Raspberries live to the left of the photo, strawberries to the right.
We have a berry good life...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nacho Challenge #95

The Nachos are getting close to 100, and here's the sketch they presented for this week's challenge:
Clean and simple. Today I was inspired.
A sweet notebook for someone dear.

I used: Sweetie Pie & Favorite Thoughts (ret.) set; Tuxedo Black Memento ink, Early Espresso pad, Skin Tone and Daffodil Delight Blendabilities; Very Vanilla, Old Olive, Early Espresso c/s, Spice Cake DSP; Spiral edge, 2-3/8" Scallop & 2.5" Circle punches, sequins, 6x6 spiral bound notebook, Vanilla 5/8" satin ribbon, Liquid Glue, Glue Dots, Stampin' Dimensionals.

Thanks again to the ladies over at Nacho Average Challenge for the honor of Top Nacho last week. It makes me feel all cheesy. *big smile*

Happy Crafting!

Sunday Sweats: By the numbers

By the numbers (Map My Run style) it was a good week for me!








  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Number of Workouts
  • Distance
  • Number of Steps
  • Duration
  • Calories Burned
This is as good as I've done in awhile. I even swam this week! I figured that my kids are putting in some serious mileage in the pool, and I should follow their good example, even if I could only hang for a few laps. I also signed up for the swim club's 100mile run/walk challenge which, unlike our family challenge, only goes to 8/31. It started Monday. So far, so good. I'm taking turns walking the dogs (no way I can walk them both at the same time!), so they're getting a little extra energy burned off at the start of the day.
Now, one week of this is great, but what is even better, is consistency. Goal is to find a level I can consistently maintain. This may be it, I don't know. What I do know: I've had good daytime energy, and have been sleeping like a rock at night. It doesn't take me long to get to sleep either. :)

Now, for those of you who yoga, here is a great link regarding yoga nutrition.
To be honest, I hadn't really thought of yoga as requiring fuel -silly, right?
I fall into the category of folks who yoga on an empty stomach, and call water my fuel of choice, so I had never really thought much about it. The closest I have come to considering food with yoga is: "Should I have dinner at 2pm or wait until after 7pm class?" or "Do I have a bar in the car I can have after 8am class while I'm enroute to Costco?"
Generally, dinner isn't ready by 2pm (go figure!), and when I've tried having a heavier late lunch, it's still sitting like a brick when I go to the evening class. Not my favorite. For the early class, sometimes I'll grab a banana for later, and there is a bar somewhere in the car 95% of the time, so I'll eat those if I'm absolutely starving afterward and can't wait until I get home, or if I'm going to run errands afterward.
Yes, sometimes I wear my sweat proudly in public after class, as offensive as it may be to those around me. I did feel badly for the drive-thru coffee barista on the way home today...for you "Frozen" fans, I did not smell better than a reindeer. :)
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

One Down or: Evolution of a Driveway

So, I had a couple of bigger projects planned for the summer. Not of a crafty nature per se, but definitely diy projects. The first, we have talked about since our remodel 5 years ago. We know that sometime in the future, the original front side of our home will get bumped out approx 3ft., which would take out that part of the patio and knowing we want to replace it, that in turn would take out a chunk of the "wild" garden. So, we had planned to expand the garden to cover for that and then some, using up a lot of what used to be our driveway before the remodel, and using the gravel that was already there for a pathway. Last summer, we started inching the rocks forward, tried to get Middle Monkey to do it for pay, but all in all, a half-hearted effort with little result.
This summer, I decided, it was going to get done before I head back to work in the Fall.
My thinking, was to spend the hours I wasn't getting paid to work over the summer doing something that otherwise: a) wouldn't get done or b) we would have to pay someone to finish.
We came into some free dirt (good stuff!) on my birthday, hubby took a mattix to the hardened ground/asphalt leftovers, Middle Monkey and I removed large rocks & raked off a lot of the gravel left behind. Then, I went through and turned it all over again, re-raked, then shoveled over the new dirt, added some half off pony-packs annunal/perennials at my favorite hardware store, and transplanted some of the plants that would eventually be moved (count 6 lavender plants), and a few other herbs from the garden.
I was pretty sore the next day, but so glad to have this done. I cannot wait for the plants to grow and let this new space get a little wild itself. We have a ton of ferns that need to be thinned, so a couple of those will get moved to the new area come fall, along with some lillies that were missed when I moved them earlier this year, and I'm sure I'll find something else to add in.  
Here are some way before pics:
     Just before the driveway was demoed
      What was left, and the space cleared for the new driveway.
Jump ahead 5 years, we lined one side of the driveway w/lavender and I repositioned my lillies from the backyard to between said lavender.
Here is just before the "after" (I'd already cleared it and started spreading dirt):
 Wide-angle view (with new plants still in pots set out for effect)
 Everything planted, and Middle Monkey's innovative placement of a salmon shaped paver -he thought it should look like it was jumping through the stream. Frankly, it made me wish we had a couple more of those guys.
Really glad it turned out so well. Hubby's been gone and I can't wait for him to see what we did while he was away. :)
Not bad for a few hours and $6.54!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Break, finally!

We made it!
Summer Break is finally here!
Morning swim practices started too early to catch 'em today (kids had school for 2-2.5hrs today), but all 3 had swim classes, we munched sandwiches, etc. and spent another 1.5hrs in the pool before doing a stock-up at Costco (love that place!).
Kids are now vegging out with The Lego Movie, 'cause, well, everything IS awesome!

Here is that last end-of-year project as promised:

I used that awesome Robert Kaufman Mod Geek fabric as a cover for a rice bag. Those things are great for whatever ails ya: Heat it up in the microwave for sore/tired muscles or cold feet (new take on the hot water bottle!), or throw it in the freezer for injured/swollen joints or limbs OR when you need to cool down on those hot Summer days.
First, I sewed a rectangle out of muslin (finished it was approx 6x7), filled it with 3.5C plain enriched white rice (this was a little too much -2.5C would probably have been enough), and topstitched it closed.
Next, I cut a long rectangle (7.5x18.5), and hemmed the edges down with a zigzag stitch (because I liked how it looked. Then, folding it with a slight overlap and right sides together, I stitched down the long sides (1/4" allowance) to make a fabric envelope. Turned it right-side out then put the rice bag inside. Voila!
The tag was made using my Tag Topper punch, Pursuit of Happiness set, Gumball Green ink, and tied off with Gumball Green sweater cord.
It makes me happy. :) I'm very glad I still have enough fabric to make 5 more.
This one went to Eldest's former 5th grade teacher. We think she's pretty great, and she thinks math is pretty great. :)
Happy crafting!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nacho Normal Week

This busy week is just about wrapped up. Whew!
I really wanted to get in on this beautiful color challenge hosted by the Nachos:
 Especially since I had very recently gotten the Perfect Peacock stamp and Memento ink pad with my last order, I was chomping at the bit to use them with my Blendabilities. This was the perfect color scheme!
I did force myself to wait until I had all my other "chores" done...
I used: Perfect Peacock set; Island Indigo, Naturals Ivory, Pistachio Pudding, Soft Sky c/s; Tuxedo Black Memento ink; Daffodil Delight, Coastal Cabana, Old Olive Blendabilities sets; asst sequins & liquid glue.
The sequins came from the stack I got at a craft sale back in May -loving them!!
Here's a little close-up with some sun shining off of them:
The colors were perfect for the challenge!
Thank you for a beautiful color challenge Nachos!

Okay, countdown is on...kiddos have 2 more hours of school tomorrow (yes, we're very late, and it's a sore subject), and then Summer Break is officially on. YeeHaw!
Look for another project tomorrow -teacher gift I made earlier today, will post after delivery. :)
Happy Crafting!!

Sunday Sweats: Summertime!

Yay! It is officially Summer, and we kicked it off just right here in the Pacific N.W. with some mid-70's temps, sunshine, and clear blue sky. Amazing!
Owning up/being accountable: I have not run, jogged, or walked for that sole purpose in 2+ weeks. Ugh!
I have gone to yoga weekly though. Now that Summer is here, I remember that this is the time of year (not the holidays!) when I add inches. Crazy! I don't know why, we're pretty active in the summer, but regardless, come September, the jeans are just a little snugger than I like.
So...I kicked off Summer with an early morning walk & weeding that ol' strawberry patch yesterday, yoga today, and Monday will see the kickoff of our newly annual 100 mile run/walk. The goal is for each family member to log 100 miles during a 3 month period that includes Summer Break. For the kids, this can include swim practices/meets, bike rides, etc. We did a shorter 50 mile version last Spring over 2 months to try it out. It was a success -we went to dinner at a restaurant of the kids' choosing as a reward. The 3 month/100 mile Summer trial didn't prove as successful, so we are trying again. The reward will be sky high! :)

Not sure how Little Monkey will do...she does pretty well keeping up with everyone, and then some, but she'll get the option of tracking her moves if she's so inclined.
We are in process (slowly) of expanding our front garden; it includes breaking up an old driveway, raking out gravel, mulching in better dirt, etc. I am off to rake gravel and hopefully start to get the dirt in.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Last week of school + birthday + hubby on AT = busy me.
Since this blog is geared towards the crafty things, let's start with the birthday.
Little monkey had a friend over to play and celebrate her birthday. They enjoy princess-y things. I enjoy crafty things. Let's make birthday princess skirts!
Granted, my assessment of their interest in making a mildly time-consuming project was a little overestimated, I did enjoy visiting with Little Monkey's Friend's Mom = a good friend of mine.
We all loved how the skirts came out:
I used: 1/2 off tulle from local fabric store, 5yds of each color in Violet, Orchid, and Mystic Purple (perfect colors for My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle character!). Cut the tulle into 2.5-3.5" strips and looped them onto pre-measured and sewn 1" elastic loops. Voila! The adhesive colored gems above did not get added to the skirts, but have been added to my stash and got used later in the week.
I am so going to make myself one of these for a Seahawk run in September -I've got ribbon ready to use, just need to stock the tulle. :)
Finally, must have cake for the birthday girl! She wanted a My Little Pony cake with the Rarity character on it. So...when Eldest Monkey was 3 she wanted a MLP cake too. I had almost forgotten how frustrating this can be. I did it once, I could do it again. Fortunately, I love my kids and my kids love my cake, so I knew however wreck-y the cake turned out, there would be smiles and laughter regardless.
Little Monkey sees cake on birthday morning: Gasp of awe (?), and "Oooh!" (about to pat myself on back)... LM: "Oh, Rarity is wearing shoes", Me: "Yes, lucky her, they're shiny black ones too!" (smacks forehead, darned black decorating gel! Rarity doesn't really wear shoes). LM: "Hmmm...her eye is pretty creepy too." Me:"Yes, I'm aware of that. But, what pony does it look like?" LM: "It's Rarity!!!"
Yay me!
By the way -yummiest cake recipe here. Used above with gluten-free flour (Namaste brand).
LM ate the tail piece, and saved the creepy eye for Daddy. :)

Trying to get some crafted gifts out to the teachers this week, only got a picture of one.
This went to Monkey in the Middle's teacher who mentioned it had been a super-crazy week, and I immediately recalled my favorite movie quote from As Good As It Gets and made this up for her:
I think the quote is actually "somplace" instead of "somewhere", but it turned out pretty fun and well, crazy.
I used a bunch of different washi tapes, colored rhinestones (purchased originally for skirt project), mini-clipboard, and Sycamore Street DSP (ret.).

This week also included a Gratitude Gathering for my son's retiring Kindergarten teacher -such a sweet event; A trip to the local Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale with my friend & co-worker -so many books, and my kids were thrilled with the purchases (a little summer/road trip reading material); A little quilt shop-hopping with Mom & Little Monkey -I swear, I wasn't going to buy ANY fabric but saw this Robert Kaufman number:
and knew the exact person I needed to craft something out of this for. I'll post it when it's done and delivered. No spoilers...well, other than this fabric pic. Today was rocket launching with the cub scouts and day #2 of chauffeuring Eldest Monkey to and from school with her newly bum knee.

Okay, this is becoming a heck of a rambler. It's been a busy and craft-worthy week. Tomorrow will be lower key, weeding in the garden and maybe a little fun shopping at the mall. I look forward to it.
Have a GREAT weekend, and happy crafting!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Sweats: Getting it done at the wire

The sweat of the week: Getting it done at the wire.
This does not necessarily mean procrastinating, it can also mean short deadlines, or moderately short deadlines with a packed schedule. Or, it can be all of the above.
It's been another busy week around the homestead. Still one more week for the older monkeys in school -I'm ready for it to be done already -bring on Summer Vacation!
I celebrated the big 40 this past week at my eldest's orchestra concert, and I have to say, Orchestra III finished it off with an awesome rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'". I found a different orchestra performing the same arrangement here. It was pretty awesome.
Getting ready for tomorrow's field day, Little Monkey's b'day, not to forget Father's Day, and all the other fun stuff in between.
I was so excited for the sketch challenge at Nacho

and the colors (some of my favorites!!) at Color Throwdown
I had planned to knock out a sweet card at the beginning of the week, but as you can see, it came down to the wire a short while ago.
It did turn out pretty sweet, these colors would be perfect for a baby card.
I used: Hope Happens set (ret); Whisper White, Coastal Cabana (sadly out of Cool Caribbean), Pink Pirouette, and Regal Rose (ret) c/s; Jet Black StazOn ink; Perfect Polka Dots TIEF, Beautiful Wings embosslits, Kiwi Kiss 3/8" satin ribbon.
I just have to mention, that 3/8" satin ribbon has got to have the best feel of any ribbon I've ever purchased. I've totally been hoarding it, but was so glad for an opportunity to use it today. I love that it's double sided too. On the Kiwi Kiss side, you can see a hint of Very Vanilla on the sides, and that is what is on the opposite side. Love it!
Off to bake cookies for Father's Day and Field Day, and get a My Little Pony cake/cupcakes going for the birthday coming up. If it's not a total wreck, I'll post pictures. 
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Sweats

Yikes! Almost missed this week's post!
This was my first week off of work for the summer, and boy, I think it's busier staying at home! Lots of errands completed this week. Many walks to school and the pool. Lots and lots of yard work.
I didn't log anything this week, so no numbers to share -I'm fessin' up to not logging my workouts instead.
Oooh! I did have a tough yoga class on Wednesday -it was the first time I had to Savasana through the last 5 postures of the standing series. Did not hydrate properly...ugh! Bad move...took Child's pose instead of Balancing Stick, stood back up for the next one room spun like mad, and that was all she wrote. Savasana for me.

Hope you have had a great Sunday, and I'll catch you next time!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nacho Mama's Candy Land

How is your Saturday??
We are having a great one here; Busy with kids' activities in the morning, done by noon, and already saturated with beautiful sunshine! Popped into some awesome moving/estate/rummage sales.
For example, I spent $15 on the following camping items: portable cooking utensils (used 1x), egg holder, asst Nalgene travel bottles, Igloo Playmate cooler, and 1 brand new Igloo MaxCold 50qt cooler with wheels. Seriously! So excited to camp this summer with the "cooler collection" -they will function well with our trusty ol' Igloo IceCube (that I also got for a deal at Target a few years back). For 50 cents, I scored our Candy Land addicted Little monkey a "new" game (hers is missing a game token, and the cards have seen much better days). I was pretty excited, as it was the same version I played with back in the day, but was even more excited to find out it came with 2 sets of tokens and 2 game boards! Save for the Jolly Gumdrop card we now have a 1978 edition, and a 1984 edition sans cards. She was soooooo excited and spent the next hour playing.  Middle monkey scored a Lego CD player/radio and PS one for $2 -how crazy is that??? Granted the PS1 didn't come with any games, but he's working on that. :) The eldest came away with some headphones and sheet music for $1.
We're going back tomorrow to see if there is anything we missed...

Okay, so on with the crafting.
As long as I'm participating in Nacho Average Challenges, I must use the word nacho regularly. Like, little monkey and I ate nachos for lunch yesterday. And, gee, I love the color challenge at Nacho Average Challenge this week! That Crushed Curry in there totally reminds me of the liquid cheese you get on nachos at the ballpark or 7-11.

Top this design from the crew at Mojo Monday, with those colors
And you get Mojo Nacho:
 Ugh, terrible name. Moving on...
I used: Pursuit of Happiness set (ret.); Island Indigo ink; Daffodil Delight (no Crushed Curry here, it brings on intense nacho cravings!), Island Indigo, Perfect Plum, Whisper White c/s, and Razzleberry Lemonade DSP (that does have Crushed Curry!); 5/8" White Satin Ribbon, Candy Dots (Plum & Curry), and a bunch of punches to make the flower.
Sorry! It's after 8pm here and I haven't had dinner and am feeling a little goofy.
If you really want to know which punches I used, leave a comment, message, or something and I'll give you the scoop.
One last pic to leave you with:
We have been having an amazing Spring here in the Northwest. I really wanted to do a bunch of challenges this week (I have paper laid out on my table for 4!), but it's been beautiful and I've opted to be outside working in the garden, tidying up the patio, playing, etc. Today, I couldn't ignore the cardstock or the outside, so I took my (pre-cut) supplies outside and assembled today's card there. This was the view from my seat.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Square Foot Gardening Anyone?

So, once upon a time, there was a school garden bed...This bed had generously been built and installed by a local fast food company known for their fresh ingredients. Sadly, after a year of curriculum use, and the loss of it's PTA chairperson, the garden has been in decline for 2+ years.
Enter a go-getting PTA volunteer who felt just as sad as I did seeing it's decline.
She asks for help.
I say yes, because, well, I guess maintaining my own garden just isn't enough. :) Seriously, I want families and staff at the school to see what it can be, and hopefully, inspire someone to do something great with it.

Here's the Monkey in the Middle, who so graciously accepted the extra pair of work gloves I brought when I picked him up after school today, with the "before" shot:
 The garden has dividers in it for square foot gardening. All told, there are 32 square (4x8).
Here are the 9 we got cleared of the well-established clover:
I need to research a little on square foot gardening, but the plan is to put in a plant in every square. I'm thinking this could be a great home for my extra starts. This garden has a twin to the north that another school family has "adopted" for the summer. It will be neat to see how they turn out!
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So many strawberries...

The little one and I headed down yonder to Grandma & Grandpa's house yesterday. While we didn't help Grandma out much in her studio (Grandpa had already beat us to it!), we did all go together to the local berry stand to see what was available.
This is what was available:
 Mom/Grandma went for the fresh picked mere hours ago berries, where I opted for the more economical, but required immediate processing berries picked Monday morning. After enjoying lunch and visiting time, we headed home to get this going:
 Washin', squashin', and gettin' jammin'

 Last but not least, a jam spoon to be cleaned!
 Even Happy-Bunny gets in on the strawberry action:
All told, the little monkey and I ate at least 3 pints ourselves, and I've got a batch of  "fancy jam" -Strawberry Lavender cooking on the stove now. This will be the first time I've used fresh herbs from our garden in jam, as well as making jam without pectin. It is a lengthier process than I normally entail.
But, I'm very much enjoying the new canning tools, and amazing canning cookbooks I received as a Christmas gift.  They will be getting a lot of use.
Next up: "Fancy Jam 2" -Strawberries with Thai Herbs. Stay tuned.

Happy crafting!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New challenge!

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
Nacho cheese!

Okay, old joke, bad joke, cheesy joke (lol!)...Hahahaha!
Seriously, we love nachos around here. Ask my kids what they want to eat, and 90% of the time it's nachos. Or, they'll ask almost daily if they can have nachos for snack/lunch/dinner.
Cheese and corn chips -it's a yummy thing. Dress 'em up with meat, olives, sour cream, salsa, and AVOCADOS, and it's a yummier thing. 

This may be why my mom suggested the Nacho Average Challenge to me. She knows we like nachos, and bad nacho jokes, and how I like a fun challenge.
This week they had a sketch challenge, which was right up my alley -clean and simple:
and I added that to this week's Color Throwdown (beautiful colors!!!):
Throw in some play time with my new Blendabilities (coming soon!!) and photopolymer set, and I get:
I am needing to practice a bit, but need to find an ink that works best with the Blendabilities. I do not have a Memento ink pad, so tried StazOn -it smeared. Next, tried embossing with black -still had some smearing issues, guessing it has to do with the alcohol in the Blendabilities, but it worked well enough. The Memento ink will be going in on my first official new catalog order. 
Which, by the way: New Stampin' Up! catalog goes live to everyone tomorrow, June 2nd. What a great way to kick-off your birthday, huh Mom?? :) Maybe a good daughter will come down and help you tidy your studio for that first big order? :) 
I love my mom, and I give her 90% of any blame of my stamping addiction and successes. Back in the day, she hosted D.O.T.S. parties, took my to my first stamp camp, was my first customer as a demo, was one of my first downline, was a great Convention roommate, and did I mention? She makes the most beautiful cards for everyone, for all kinds of occasions and events. That is where I fail. I love to make cards, and I hope it shows, but I hardly get them out of the house. I am really working on this. 
Here's what's in this card: Sweetie Pie, Teeny Tiny Wishes sets; Strawberry Slush, Sahara Sand, Whisper White, and Coastal Cabana c/s; Versamark, Coastal Cabana inks; Blendabilities (Coastal Cabana, Daffodil Delight, Skin Colors), Black EP, 1-3/8" & Scallop Circle, Word Window, and Modern Label punches, Jewels pearls, Gingham Garden washi tape (last chance to order!!).
Off to write inside this card and send it to a friend. 

Happy Crafting!

Sunday Sweats: Super Sweaty!

So this week was an uber-sweaty one! Counting last Sunday, I did 4 consecutive days of yoga classes. A first for me, and made me reconsider the statement I have made about wanting to do this on a daily basis. It was great though, and come Thursday, I found myself missing class immensely, and returning to the statement/idea that I could do this every day.
Thursday also found me racked out on the couch for an hour. :)
Between yoga, 3 hours of yardwork (!) on Friday, hours of sunshine yesterday, and a nice walk this morning, it has been a happily sweaty, and as Map My Run reports a highly caloric-burning week. 
Off to get the Sunday morning coffee, and prep for more yard work.
Have a great day wherever you are and go craft yourself a good sweat!

Happy crafting and sweating!