Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Sweats: In the Yard

Good afternoon!

Sweat of the week: Weeding
Did you know that gardening and yard work can be a fabulous workout? It's great for your body and your soul -it really gets you some of that feel-good energy.
Check out this link from Weight Watchers about the benefits of a garden workout. Or, you can Google "gardening workout" like I did for some more good articles about it.

I just spent about 90 minutes out in the yard babying our new strawberry patch:
We try to add something new/different to the garden every year. This year we moved the strawberries that were overrunning the 2 planters we had them in, divided them up, and planted well over 2 dozen plants into an area that had gotten overgrown (we cleared it first). We'll see how it goes. Most of the plants have fruit, so I'm optimistic that there will be enough for some jam. Today was all about weeding the plants that surfaced after turning the dirt during the clearing of the patch. I found 5 baby pumpkin plants (we had pumpkins in there 2 years ago), that will get moved once we decide where we want them. There is still room for them to grow without ill effects to the strawberries.
I'm off to detox at the studio's saunas, then hit up my Renew Yoga class (fewer postures, less heat, way more stretch) for my final sweats of the week.

Happy Sweating!

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