Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun Stuff!

This weekend was pretty busy, but busy with fun stuff.
Kicked it off with a lovely mother's tea at the little one's school, and then off to a craft sale...oh yeay, two words that should be paired together often.
Craft Sale. Oh Yeah.
Little monkey and I went with the teacher I work with on the premise that we were shopping for our classroom...*smile*. We truly did get items for our class; project supplies, bulletin board decor, etc.
I, however, ended up bringing home 2 hefty sacks full of fabric and other goodies.
 I hope you can see some of the goodness in these pics. I scored some great vintage stuff - I have completed versions of those cut & sew ornaments up in my Christmas box that my grandma made when I was much younger, and that Snoopy pillowcase(!!). I can't wait to make the ornaments up with my kids; promised the boy that I'd teach him how to use the machine this summer, and this will be a great starter project.
As for this denim?
I "had" to have it to add a retro feel to the denim bags I like to make, but after finding out it was purchased in the 80's, we decided it was vintage, not retro. Those pink pinstripes -stitched all the way, no color screening here! I feel like I should attempt making some jeans (my sis decided she needed a skirt when she saw the fabric), but not so confident in my sewing/tailoring abilities. Bags are much safer...we will see. I've got about 3 yards, so something will come of this fabulous find.
Highlights of Saturday were watching the boy snag some flags at his flag football game, and the beautiful (and much needed) pedicure I got with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. It's an annual tradition, now in it's 13th year! I don't have a toe pic, but here's a clip of my polish choice (it is sooooooo sparkly -I love it!):
It's OPI Liquid Sand in "It's Frosty Outside". There is no way a picture could ever do it justice, but if any of you are familiar with Stampin' Up's Silver Glimmer paper -well, it's pretty close. :)
Kicked off Mother's Day with a yoga class with my eldest, a good friend & her kids (who are also my kids' bfs). Led by my favorite instructor, it was a great way to start the day. My sister picked me up in her sweet ride, gave me this awesome
Aquaman comic:
(I love Aquaman!)
Then we drove to our parents' to get mom for a lunch date at one of our favorite burger joints. I ordered my favorites, and they were giving a choice of strawberry sundae or strawberry shortcake, so I had that too. So full. It was so good. One of the reasons we love this place is the freshly sourced ingredients, the "green" way the business is run, and how employees are treated. It isn't particularly close, but that just made it even more special of a meal. Thanks Mom!!! xoxo
After lunch we popped over to the outlet mall nearby where I did the mom thing where I went into the store for one item for myself, and came out with a whole bag of stuff for the rest of the household. I did manage to come out with the one item I wanted for me. :) Came home to 2 pies hubby had crafted, and a humongous lasagne that just got finished today. Really good. Even better was that the recipe came from a cookbook my son's class had put together for the moms. One side of the page was the child's favorite recipe that their mom makes for them, and the other side is about the mom by the child. So sweet!!

Fun stuff I'm tellin' ya. :)
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Lucky you to find a Craft Sale and escape with only 2 bags full. Be sure to blog everything you make! Glad you had 3 days of Mother's Day fun.


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