Friday, May 23, 2014

Tis the season

It's been one of those crazy weeks.
I'm getting ready to head in for my last day of preschool -a bittersweet day. So much fun seeing the kids change and grow from the first day, now ready to head off to Kindergarten. Because it was so fun, I get sad -I'll miss those smiley faces.
It will also be my own youngest child's last day of preschool (big sad/happy face). I cannot believe she's ready to move on to Kindergarten...still processing this one.
In other news -swim team season has begun!
When I first signed our eldest up for swim team I hoped, but had no idea she would love it so much. The middle joined in later on the premise of trying "just one season", here we are 3 seasons ago for him.
There is so much joy in watching them swim. I love that they've continued, as this is an activity that can carry them through life's currents and eddies.
The "baby" has always loved being in the water, so you can imagine the disappointment that came with her refusal of lessons for 2 summers. I didn't push it, because it's way more important that she takes lessons with a positive feeling, and she is now so ready and I'm so glad we waited.
Prime example: We went to the pool last week as the winter "bubble" was off and it was over 80 degrees. Youngest had not been in the pool since early last fall, she immediately was under the water, holding her breath and doggy-paddling as fast as she could. Wow -leaps and bounds. She is now counting the sleeps to her first swim lesson. :)
I'm going to leave this post with my most favorite swim pic of the eldest:
This was taken at the champs meet last year -she didn't even recognize herself. She has a beautiful butterfly stroke. :)
Enjoy the weekend, I will be back over the next few days with cards (the supplies have been spread over my table all week waiting for me!), and Sunday Sweats.
Happy Crafting!

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