Friday, June 6, 2014

Square Foot Gardening Anyone?

So, once upon a time, there was a school garden bed...This bed had generously been built and installed by a local fast food company known for their fresh ingredients. Sadly, after a year of curriculum use, and the loss of it's PTA chairperson, the garden has been in decline for 2+ years.
Enter a go-getting PTA volunteer who felt just as sad as I did seeing it's decline.
She asks for help.
I say yes, because, well, I guess maintaining my own garden just isn't enough. :) Seriously, I want families and staff at the school to see what it can be, and hopefully, inspire someone to do something great with it.

Here's the Monkey in the Middle, who so graciously accepted the extra pair of work gloves I brought when I picked him up after school today, with the "before" shot:
 The garden has dividers in it for square foot gardening. All told, there are 32 square (4x8).
Here are the 9 we got cleared of the well-established clover:
I need to research a little on square foot gardening, but the plan is to put in a plant in every square. I'm thinking this could be a great home for my extra starts. This garden has a twin to the north that another school family has "adopted" for the summer. It will be neat to see how they turn out!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Bravo for volunteering. I have heard of square foot gardening, but haven't tried it. Mavis of the "Hundred Dollars a Month" blog, has an article on it from last Feb. 18. Good luck to you and Middle Monkey.

  2. Thank you Nancy for sharing the school garden on your blog! I LOVE square foot gardening and am happy to talk about it any time! Looking forward to catching you in the garden over the summer!


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