Monday, July 29, 2013

Bad Blogger's Crafts of the Week

I really enjoy reading good bloggers, but I'm hoping if any of you followers are still around, you don't mind checking out blogs of bad bloggers like myself. Many life changes since the last blog posting. I have implemented a "craft-of-the-week" this summer to keep myself crafting, and using the supplies I just "had to have". I started 6/24.
Weeks 1&2 were these cute recipe boxes:
I've got more paper ordered so I can make some more -love the way they turned out with the matching divider cards.

Week 3 were swaps for Girl Scout camp that I volunteered at with my 3 kiddos:
We made over 150 to go with our camp names: Bunny, CrocStar, Snorkel, and Pearl (like in Finding Nemo)

Week 4 was basket weaving at camp:
Basket weaving (for those of you who don't already know), is so amazingly zen. Must do this again!

Week 5 was these super-fun and easy necklaces:

I'll be selling these along with some other style necklaces at a community craft fair in the fall.

Week 6 will be a bed for this little cutie, our newest family member:

Thanks for hanging in with me! I'm thinking along with Craft of the Week, I need to start Blog of the Week. :)
Have a great afternoon wherever you are!
Happy Crafting!

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