Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow...time sure can fly!
Well, the answer to my last post/question, is "Yes", he still thanks the cows. Thank goodness!
Although there is something kind of ironic when you thank cows for chocolate soy milk...
We have made it through a dairy-free week, and tomorrow we can start trying to add some things back in and see what happens. *crossing fingers*
I have learned a lot -milk hides in so many places! Thank you to everyone who helped us out with favorite non-dairy products, "secret" dairy words, and more -it is very much appreciated!
So, I know this blog title says "crafting", and I realize there haven't really been many craft projects on here yet, however, the word "craft" can mean to have skill in planning, making, or executing. crafting today included: crafting time for myself to watch a movie while the kids were at school (this is something I NEVER do -Yay me!), crafted a batch each of dairy-free applesauce muffins AND chocolate chip cookies (Yummy!), and I was able to craft a trip to the post office with kids in tow -and everyone survived (thank you Jamba Juice!). :)
As a sidenote, Jamba Juice will make any of their menu items dairy-free, just ask!
So what does that leave me for tomorrow? Well, I should craft some crafts I suppose!
Happy May!

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