Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Will he still thank the cows?

So, my parents live about 30 miles south of us, and whenever we drive down there, we pass the dairy where we get our milk delivered from. This is definitely my favorite part of the trip, even when the mountain is out...The kids always shout (in kind of a sing-songy voice) to the cows standing out in pasture: "Thank you cows, thank you for the milk!" I just love it!
Well, my son is now being checked for a milk allergy/lactose intolerance -this is the kid, who loves dairy in anyway shape or form...especially in yogurt, cheese, and milk chocolate. Did I mention he spent the better part of an hour watching his favorite cheese get packaged at the Tillamook Cheese Factory over Spring Break? He is totally off dairy for the next couple weeks. While I know this is nowhere near the end of the world, for a 5 year old who is used to eating whatever he wants, he thinks it's pretty darn near close -especially when he realized he couldn't eat truffles (do you feel the chocolate connection we have?), many tears were shed. So, he and I are off to do a little shopping and find some potential replacements for some of his daily staples. If you have a favorite (i.e. delicious) non-dairy product you enjoy (or one you think is totally yucky!) please leave a comment -we'd love to learn from you!


  1. Hey Nancy!! My sister is VEGAN and she loves the coconut milk ice cream. She says it is to die for! A close 2nd to real ice cream! :)
    HTH :)

  2. Yes - coconut milk ice cream is good! So Delicious is good soy ice cream. Goat cheese doesn't have milk protein and is good. Zen Soy is good pudding. Pacific Oat Milk is good. Amy's frozen soy mac n cheese is good but contains milk protein. Whole Soy makes good yogurt.

    Let me know if you need other ideas!
    :) Marci

  3. Soy Delicious Chocolate is amazingly rich for a non milk ice cream. I think it beats even the normal ice cream for velvety smooth yumminess !!!!!


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