Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Happened to Summer?

As many of you Northwesterners know mid to late July usually indicates the arrival of summer with some 80+ degree temps after a drizzly June. Well, it looks like we're having a "real" summer, a scorcher if you will, and it makes me want spring back! Give me a holler if you too, would like some rain and cooler (by at least 10 degree) temps! Maybe we can start a little petition to the guy upstairs... :)
All that aside, my corn and tomatoes to seem to be enjoying the extra heat and sun, as long as they get a drink daily. I'm not used to having to water the garden so much and I dread seeing the water bill.
Could we just get back in the 80's? Here's a little cool down tip (from a Discovery Channel junkie), when you are feeling the heat, turn on "Deadliest Catch" -that nasty, frigid Bering Sea weather helps bring it down a degree or two.
Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I cannot wait to get to SLC next week for their summer weather! Who knew the lower 90's could be cool -maybe because it's a "dry heat"? It also helps when everything has A/C as well.
Of course, we all know the big highlight in SLC next week is the big Stampin' Up! Convention for demonstrators. I cannot wait to learn some new things, get some new goodies, and get a ton of new ideas! I'll share when I get back -I've made most of my swaps, and I'll post those after I return. My daughter is hoping I'll get over to East High where they filmed all the High School Musical movies to take some pictures, and I will definitely try.
Well, I hope to post one more blog before I head out of town...I did a really fun donation I want to share.
Have a great day, and stay cool!!

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