Friday, August 21, 2009

Stamping and Cruising the Northwest

Hello Sailors and Landlubbers alike!

I am getting so excited for the annual Stamping and Cruising the Northwest cruise coming up here pretty quick!! I've been working on projects, organizing demonstrations, and more.

While I can't show you this year's projects yet, you can see a sampling of last year's projects in one of my older posts:

For those of you unfamiliar with this: This year is the second year I've helped coordinate a stamping cruise for friends, family, customers, and anyone else who wants to join. Heidi at R&D Cruises and Tours coordinates the cabin booking and works with the cruise line. Check out her website at: Then I get the fun part of organizing the stamping classes and projects! :)

Like last year, we will be aboard the Celebrity Mercury on October 2-5th, and will have a weekend filled with stamping, the beautiful scenery of the Northwest (Nanaimo, Victoria, Seattle), and the pampering of Celebrity's friendly staff.

Above: Me (center), enjoying a meal with my mom and sister; Nanaimo, B.C; Left: Flags flying in Port of Victoria, B.C; Right: Me and the kids with our favorite, Activities Director Alejandro.
October 2008

I am looking forward to spending a weekend creating with our "alumni" and "rookies" alike in a place perfect for inspiration and creativity!

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  1. I'm getting excited,too. This includes lots of things that Grammie Loves; travel, stamping, stamping friends, chocolate desserts after delicious meals, shopping, but no grandkids. I'll have to deal with it.


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