Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Imagination Central

Today my kids planted a garden. To be more specific, they built an outdoor world for their toy friends. Last week, while perusing the garden center at one of my favorite places, McLendon Hardware, my lightbulb went off. My husband had just finished building a series of planters along the edge of our patio and I was trying to find plants to fill them. Then I saw several adorable "mini" plants, and thought that would be really cool to make an outside world for little dolls and action figures to play...sure beats getting buried in the sandbox! :) Anyways, the kids loved the idea, and put it into action today. I've been listening to the sounds of Polly Pocket socializing with Lego Rock Monsters and Storm Troopers. So much fun!
We look forward to watching the "garden" develop into a Jungle or Forest, and seeing the changes through the seasons.

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  1. Very cute! We will have to have some "friends" come check out the jungle. We have Polly and GI Joe who would love to get out of their dollhouse for a bit. :)


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