Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

My oh my! What a Thanksgiving week we have had. The week started off with snow -the kids only had one day of school, the rest were cancelled for snow. This is quite unusual in the Seattle-area especially this early!
It was fun to have everyone home though, take the kids to the sledding hill, and have homemade hot chocolate (like mom & grandma made) laden with mini-marshmallows.

Roads cleared up enough to do last minute shopping at the grocery store (along with the rest of the neighborhood!), and make it to my sister's for a blessed holiday meal.

Yesterday, my daughter and I, along with some fellow Girl Scout troop friends, participated in the Macy's Holiday Parade. I had such a good time -totally able to "anonymously" ham it up! Cannot wait to do it again!

Today we did some shopping, and managed to avoid the crazy crowds of yesterday. We were also able to do all of our holiday decorating, with the exception of our tree which we won't put up for another couple weeks. I am soooo excited -love coming into the decorated house!

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