Thursday, August 8, 2013

Craft of the Week and Bonus "Craft"

So this week, I made these super-easy washer necklaces. I just made sure the diameter of the washer and the hole in the washer coordinated with my circle punch sizes. Then I punched out a bunch of retired DSP I have adhered it with Tombo multi-purpose glue, let dry, and sealed with SU! Crystal Effects. Voila!
It felt way to easy -kind of like I was cheating, so I made them double-sided and added assorted SU! Jewels.
This one is my favorite:
It's very dainty and pretty, well, for a washer anyway!

Since I seemed to have a bunch of extra days in the week (I finished these last Saturday), well technically, I finished them before the week even started, I went and bought a dozen more washers that I'll finish by Saturday.
Also, late last week, our new local produce shop got in tons of peaches from their orchard over in Eastern Wa. I couldn't resist and bought 2 boxes (40lbs), as the price was amazing, and they're non-certified organic. Well, I learned a little something: Don't try to peel/skin unripe peaches. I thought they were good as they gave a little under pressure, but they were a little green. So, couple days hanging out in the warm-ish garage, and ta-da! They peeled perfectly yesterday, and today, and more again today. I gave my first try at canning them, next will be jam, and the rest into the freezer and crisp for tonight.

Ironically peaches aren't my favorite, and after a year of 40lbs of peaches, I'll probably stick with a single 20lb box next year. But, boy oh boy, I can't wait for the blackberries to come in (our yard ones are a later variety), to make some peach/blackberry cobbler -Yummy!

Oh, and for those of you who are local, here is the link to Bill Pace Produce . He's not new, but he's got a new shop in our 'hood. I'm so excited about getting fresh local apples by the box soon. Applesaucin' here I come!!

Happy Crafting!

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