Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's a Four-fer! Craft of the Weeks: 8,9,10, and a bonus!

It's been busy! We finally squeezed in a little family getaway, not too far, but far enough to be away.
It was the first outing with the new puppy -a little crazy, but not bad. The next will be easier.
So, without further ado,
Craft of the Week #8:
Clothespin Magnets:
 Clothespins, ModgePodge, DSP paper scraps, more ModgePodge, sandpaper, and adhesive magnet strips -Voila! Very easy, but a little time consuming (I do not enjoy sanding), and super-cute. I will be selling them at the local community fair in sets of 3.
Craft of Week #9: Dog Toys!
These were made with donated towels, cut into 3 sizes (sm., med., lg.) and tightly braided into dog toys. My daughter will be selling these at same community fair to raise money for 2 local animal shelters that we have worked with. 
Craft of the Week #10: Photo Cards
Very self explanatory...I found some of my favorite digital photos I had taken as far as 6 years back, printed them off at Costco with a white trim and matte finish. Then mounted them on what I felt was best coordinating color of SU! cardstock. This is just a small sampling of the almost 8 dozen I made.
Bonus craft: Bleach on T-shirts
 So, I've stamped with bleach on cards, but took it another step to a couple of cute junior-fit tees I found. I used bleach on paper towels for my "ink pad" then stamped with the beautiful "Gently Falling" SU! set. The blue tee has a few leaves at the front center, and a single one at the nape.
This one has a single leaf front-top-center, and a ring of them around the hem.
Just a tip: I tried this on a couple of heathered colored tees, and it did not work! The bleach wasn't received and simply dried on the shirt without removing color.
Anyone know why?
 I want to go back and get some fall-colored shirts in different sizes and do a few more. It was fun!
Until next time: Happy Crafting!

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