Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Too much...

The worst part of not blogging consistently is trying to decide what to blog about when I do it, finally.
So much has happened since my last post -fun stuff, crafty stuff!
I guess since this is a "crafty" blog, I guess I should start there.
The craft of the week items went into the neighborhood Holiday Bazaar, and it was fun and I had enough left for gifts at the holidays
I made other things too: Canned tomatillo salsa -this past summer was an amazing one for our first crack at growing tomatillos, Halloween costumes (awesome Dalek & Shaun the Sheep), lots of sleep pants at Christmas.
Here is a snippet of a quilt I finished that my grandmother had given me the pieces to awhile back:
Some of the fabrics came from the scraps of dresses I had when I was little. I love how it turned out, and I was even able to find some fabric that tied it all together very nicely for the backing & binding.
Oooh! Did I mention my Big Shot conked out on me? It kindly waited until after my last holiday card class.
Here's a little before and after:

I disassembled, hubby WD40'd the bearings, I reassembled, and voila! Back in business! I was not ready to give it up that easy.
Okay, one last craft... I made these fun little pom-pom creatures for the kiddos Easter baskets. I used to make these in elementary school for our class to sell at the school craft fair. We called them Fuzzy Buddies.
Forgot how fun they were to make, and remembered all the googly eyes and Tacky Glue we went through making them.

Happy Crafting!

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