Friday, April 25, 2014

Sea...Hawks! Crafting for the 12th Man

Okay, here's some of that fun stuff I mentioned in the last post. I love the Seattle Seahawks, and have been a fan as long as I can remember. Some of you may have heard, but this season was kind of a big deal for us. The team spirit was unlike anything I've ever was incredible! Blue and green everywhere (more than the normal evergreens and large bodies of water).
Here are a couple of activities I did during the season:
Our preschool class project leading up to Super Bowl Sunday:
Tissue paper scraps adhered with liquid starch onto construction paper, and topped with white construction paper number 12. This hung in my window for the big game, and a couple of weeks after.

Goodies for the Big Game:
Me, looking aDORKable (emphasis on the dork), at Monday Night Football, selling programs to benefit local Girl Scouts:
Well, since offseason training has just begun, I'm thinking I need to start thinking about my 12th crafts for the upcoming's only a few months away, and I can hardly wait!
Happy Blue Friday!

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